Cancellation Policy  A Mediation that is cancelled BY EITHER PARTY FOR ANY REASON on or before the 5th business day prior to the date of the mediation is subject to a cancellation fee of $100.00 per party for a half-day mediation and $175.00 per party for a full-day mediation. 


Mediation Rates:

- Initial 30 minute Mediation Consultation:Complimentary
- Administrative Fee: $100 *
Hourly Mediation (2 parties): $200 per hour with a two hour minimum
- Hourly Mediation (Parties of 3 or more): $300 per hour with a two-hour minimum
- Half- Day Mediation ( 2 parties): $700 for a 4 hour session
- Half- Day Mediation ( Parties of 3 or more parties): $1000 for a 4 hour session
- Full Day (2 parties): $1400 for an eight hour session


- The Administrative Fee covers time spent setting up the mediation file, distributing initial documents (if any), scheduling sessions, and office overhead. This charge is not refundable, even if no mediation session is conducted.
- Any Mediation lasting six hours or more will be charged the Full Day Fee. 
- Full Day mediations may be split i​nto two sessions if necessary with no additional fee.​
- All parties are asked to make a pre-payment toward mediation costs and fees. Any unused portion will be remitted upon conclusion of the mediation and/or the parties will be billed for the balance due. 
- Lunch can be arranged for Full Day Sessions with prior notice.
- All Fees may be split between parties.


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